Wednesday, 20 June 2007

73 Days To Go - £400,000 well spent

Having observed just what a peppy animated thing has done for the London Olympics, I thought I would invest some of my petty cash in getting one of my own:

Beardy Weirdy in motion Yes, yet another reason why I have not had a chance to add any posts to this blog over the last four months. I think you will agree that I have spent my money well. What you may not realise at first glance is that it contains a subliminal message. It would help me greatly in future development of this technology if you could let me know what you think the subliminal message is. One lucky winner (selected from all entries received by 1st September 2007) will win a waxed moustache that I shaved off and put in a pot in 1998.


Anonymous Leon Velazquez said...

It's the qucik image of you with your eyes widened, and a smile.

12 January 2010 15:29  

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