Thursday, 30 August 2007

2 Days To Go: And Now A Mascot

The day is nearly upon us - and now I have a mascot - lovingly grown by Sarah and then wondrously sculpted by David. This brilliant carrotcature will be accompanying me to Brighton - though I still need to organise portable refrigeration to ensure his comfort.

As things get closer, I have been getting info through from the organisers including the following which arrived last week:

"We have 225 registrations to date and growing ( I seem to get 1 or 2 more a day at the moment) and we have sold well over 1000 tickets for spectators - fully expecting at least 1500. The Brighton Centre have opened up another section so plenty of room if your friends and supporters have yet to buy tickets - available at the Brighton Centre Box Office on the morning of 1st September.

Also loads of media interest - TV, Radio and documentary programme makers."

Details of the schedule are at: Event Schedule - including a parade through Brighton late on Saturday morning.

I'm really looking forward to it - hope to see you there.


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