Tuesday, 18 December 2007

A Collection Of Beardies

Here, on the most desperately cold miserable drizzly (I think the Scots call it "driech") day, here are three beardies taking shelter in the Maltings in Wells-next-the-sea during the Christmas Tide festivities. Cy (on the left) had the unenviable job of photographing the whole event - and just before he headed out to point his camera at the soggy lantern parade, he handed control over to his wife Cathy for this shot. On the right, with a sharp blade too near my whiskers for comfort, is Steve Parish of Past Alive (he and his wife Jo take Living History into Schools - tel: 01604 584307 for details). Having had the top of my head chopped, I have the least total hair - but was surprised when seeing this picture that my beard is the longest. You can see a bunch of Cy's other photos of the day here.

I met Cy earlier in the summer when he was photographing Allyfest - and for some reason he thought to take a picture of me:

If you want to see any more of Cy's work (and I tell you, he really knows what he is doing with a camera), have a look at http://www.cycoze.deviantart.com/

And finally, Merry Christmas all, bearded or not!


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And what a lovely image we all make too :)

29 January 2008 13:15  

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