Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A Revisit and some changes...

Well, what do you think of this picture? It arrived in my inbox last week from Sheri Manson. She was one of the gang of photographers shooting away upstairs at the World Beard & Moustache Championships, and incredibly has managed to turn me into an angel - a miraculous feat, I'm sure you'll agree, and well worth the year-and-a-half wait! Please have a look at her other work - her Photo Essay for Time Magazine and her personal website at www.sherimanson.com - certainly a cut above most folks.

Right, it's time to fess up - I haven't been writing on the Beard Blog because....the beard has gone! I know, the shame - but there was a reason. Well, sort of. I did rather get sick of it and had only grown it so big so I could have something to freestyle for the championships, so a couple of months later most of it went to the great beard collection in the sky. I decided to keep an enormous moustache and then I realised that it was perfect for the posters for the presentations I was starting to do on a more frequent basis about my Group Photograph project:

In between shows I don't shave - so I yo-yo between an overwaxed Kitchener and an "American Civil War veteran" (ie long bushy unwaxed moustache and grizzled stubble). I like to think this makes me not a complete fraud and I appeal for your understanding...


Anonymous Shaving Oil said...

I think it's a very cool picture. Did they do it with a fan? How long have you had the beard before finally cutting it?

31 January 2009 05:23  

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